31 october 2017

Small Academy of Sciences

In October 27, 2017 was the 1st day of the 17 th regional scientific-practical conference in the direction of computer science Odessa territorial office of the Small Academy of Sciences at the Institute of Computer Systems of Odessa National Polytechnic University 

29 october 2017

Leadership that leads to success

On October 17, a free seminar for students "Leadership that leads to success" took place at ONPU.

17 october 2017

Speaker of the seminar - Todd Geist

Free seminar for students "Leadership leading to success". Develop - using the experience of international business leaders.

14 october 2017

Day of the Defender of Ukraine

Employees of the dean's office of the Institute of Computer Systems congratulate students and teachers on the Day of Defender of Ukraine! 

11 october 2017

Seminar of the Small Academy of Sciences

Among the reports presented at the seminar it is worth mentioning the speeches of the staff of the Institute of Computer Systems:   Report Blazhko Alexander, Deputy. director of IKS on scientific work, assistant professor of the SPO "Development of computer games as an example STEAM- approach (STEAM + Art): from the management of sections of the Minor Academy of Sciences in the "Computer Science" department to the creation of GameHub-laboratory of the Odessa National Polytechnic University with the support of the international Erasmus project. " Report of Streltsov Oleg Vasilyevich, Associate Professor of the Department of the Constitutional Court, "Initial Robotics (Experience with Junior Schoolchildren)" . Report of Blinov Igor Pavlovich, Deputy. director of ICS for work with students of preferential categories, senior lecturer of the department of the CSU "Interesting Robotics (Ukrainian Association of Robotics)". The nearest seminar of the Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine will be held on October 27 in the ONS of the ONPU. Odessa National Polytechnic University supports work with the Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for more than 15 years. During these years, it is possible to trace a lot of success stories of MAN participants who represented ONPU and, in particular, ICS in different periods of time.   For example, in 2014, the team of IKS ONPU with the participation of Vladimir Mshanetsky took the absolute third place (in the competition for the protection of the IAS in 2010, 2 nd place in the third stage), the team entered the Final of the All-Ukrainian Students' Olympiad ASM.   Victor Burdeyny, 2003, 2 nd place in the 3 rd stage of the Competition-defense scientific-issled. works MAN in Kiev. Student of IMEM ONU. Mechnikov, passed pre-diploma practice (bachelor and master), participated in the NIRS in the ONS of the ONPU. The NASU Prize for student scientific works, the Diploma of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, twice received a one-year scholarship from the Pinchuk Foundation Further - postgraduate study in the ONS of the ONPU in the specialty "IT", in 2012 according to the results of the selection of the 30- (out of 200) the best programmers of the CIS received an invitation and went to the USA to work in the Special Project on parallel computing. During his studies he published more than 40 scientific papers, incl. - 2 of them are indexed in Scopus.   Danila Somsikov, 2004, 2005, 2 nd and 1 st place, respectively, in the 3 rd stage of the Contest- protection of research work (Kiev) in the section "Security of Information and Telecommunication Systems"; 3 - a place in Mezdnar. Competition of scientific and technical creativity of Intel (USA).   Gidulyan Vadim, 2010, 1 st place in the Regional Competition; student of the ONP ONPU; active participant of the NIRS, Diploma of the III st. in the All-Ukrainian competition of scientific. works of students "Computer Science and Cybernetics" (2015); published 6 scientific papers; participated at the invitation in the VII School in Elgersburg (March 1-7, 2015, Germany) on the "Mathematical Theory of Systems", delivered a report at the 4th Student Conference onComputer Science (SCCS'2015), Erfurt University of Applied Science, Erfurt, Germany, 14 -16 April, 2015; on the results of the selection he received an invitation to a one-year internship at the Master's program in the Erasmus + International Cooperation Program at Masaryk Univ. (Brno, Czech Republic); 1 st place at the ONPU University in the Competition of Master theses (2016).   Kravchenko Evgeniy, 2013, 2nd place in the Regional MAN Contest, student of the IKS ONPU, organized and conducted a master -classes for the school-members of the IAS, on "Internet technology and Web-design", published 8 scientific works, according to the results of the Competition and the protection of the innovative project, received a Certificate and a scholarship for the implementation of scientific research within the framework of this project.   Timchenko Boris, 2013, 3 rd place at the 3 rd stage of the Competition for the Protection of Research (Kyiv), 1- th place in the International Robotics Competition "Roborace-2015", I stage, Minsk, Belarus, 28th of August 2015.   Recently, the results of the students' performance of the mathematics control work in the framework of the Competition for Defense have decreased. To prepare students for the control work in mathematics, we prepared a textbook: Preparing for a control job in mathematics: Textbook / D.V. Buryak, V.D. Pavlenko, A.N. Porpolit, N.V. Buryak - Odessa: Astroprint, 2010. - 88 c. ISBN 978-966-190-264-3,   which contains tasks for the control for the last 5 years with detailed solutions. (You can ask for assistance in the reissue with the additions of this manual) Beginning in 2009, 2 times a year, on spring and autumn holidays, IKS ONPU invites schoolchildren of the city and the region to the "Regional science and practical conference in the direct line of the computer science of the Odeid District of the Small Academic Sciences". At the conferences, the best scientific work of the school members of the IAS is reported, which were presented earlier in the competition for the protection of the IAS and were awarded with diplomas (diplomas), presentations on current intellectual information technologies and programming tools for senior students, undergraduates, graduate students and teachers are held. At conferences 50 to 70 schoolchildren from the city and the region register and participate. Participants in regional conferences of the IAS come to ONPU (IKS) and other prestigious universities of Ukraine (NTUU "KPI", NAU ...) and abroad (USA, Germany, Poland).   The International Conf. Young scientists on modern inform. Technology, which provides an opportunity for schoolchildren-prize-winners of the Regional MAN Contest to make reports and publish the theses of their reports in the collection, which is published based on the conference materials.  

11 october 2017

In the walls of ONPU there was an intellectual game "What? Where? When

Interestingly and richly, and most importantly, our students of polytechnics are productive in productive time!